Speech-Language Pathologists (SLPs) provide speech and language services for children with communication impairments that have an adverse affect on educational performance. A student receiving speech and/or language services may have difficulties in one or more of the following areas:

  • Expressive Language: a child’s ability to express his/her wants, needs and ideas
  • Articulation: a child’s ability to correctly produce speech sounds
  • Receptive Language: a child’s ability to understand language he/she hears
  • Fluency: the natural flow of speech
  • Voice: a child’s pitch, quality and/or loudness of speech

Speech-Language Pathology Staff:

Kristen Ackerman

Madison & Champaign Counties

Jamie Alexander


Melissa Bowersock

Jefferson Local

Rachel Finch

West Liberty-Salem Local

Adrienne James

Madison County

Jennifer Kaperak-Rill

Champaign County

Tisha Kauffman

MCESC Preschool​

Jane Major

Champaign & Madison Counties

Ann Prenger

Champaign County

Christine Alaimo

Madison & Champaign Counties

Angie Brouhard

SLP Coordinator & MCESC Preschool

Miranda Camden

Clark & Champaign Counties

Brooke Harlacher

Triad Local

Tricia Jones

Madison & Champaign Counties

Lindsay Klish

Mechanicsburg EV Schools

Phyllis Leher

Champaign & Madison Counties

Daniele Norman

Champaign County

Angela Whip

Clark County and MCCESC Preschool

Nikki Steele


Employee Testimonials

The Madison-Champaign ESC has been a wonderful place for me to begin my career. I began as a long-term substitute and had the opportunity to work in multiple buildings with many different staff members of the ESC. Through this experience, I was able to see the outstanding teamwork displayed between ESC staff and the districts being served. I love how I get the opportunity to work with a variety of colleagues who all have the same mission of best serving our students.

Tricia Jones, Speech-Language Pathologist