Speech-Language Pathologists (SLPs) provide speech and language services for children with communication impairments that have an adverse affect on educational performance. A student receiving speech and/or language services may have difficulties in one or more of the following areas:

  • Expressive Language: a child’s ability to express his/her wants, needs and ideas
  • Articulation: a child’s ability to correctly produce speech sounds
  • Receptive Language: a child’s ability to understand language he/she hears
  • Fluency: the natural flow of speech
  • Voice: a child’s pitch, quality and/or loudness of speech

Speech-Language Pathology Staff:

Kristen Ackerman

Triad Local

Christine Alaimo

Highly Structured Program, Champaign County Low Incidence, and MCESC Preschool

Jamie Alexander


Laura Andrews

Madison Plains Local

Shelby Baker

Graham Local

Melissa Bowersock

Jefferson Local

Angie Brouhard

SLP Coordinator & MCESC Preschool

Miranda Camden

Risen Christ School

Rachel Finch

West Liberty-Salem Local

Brooke Harlacher

Triad Local

Molly Hess

Urbana City

Maureen Howard

Jonathan Alder Local

Adrienne James

Fairhaven Early Learning and Early Intervention, Madison County Low Incidence 

Jennifer Kaperak-Rill

Champaign County Low Incidence

Tisha Kauffman

MCESC Preschool​

Phyllis Leher

St. Patrick School

Daniele Norman

Champaign County

Dayna Ober

Mechanicsburg Exempted Village

Tricia Pankewicz

West Jefferson Local

Ann Prenger

Urbana City

Nikki Steele

Madison Plains Local

Angela Whip

Clark County and MCCESC Preschool

Employee Testimonials

The Madison-Champaign ESC has been a wonderful place for me to begin my career. I began as a long-term substitute and had the opportunity to work in multiple buildings with many different staff members of the ESC. Through this experience, I was able to see the outstanding teamwork displayed between ESC staff and the districts being served. I love how I get the opportunity to work with a variety of colleagues who all have the same mission of best serving our students.