School psychologists are an important part of the educational team in any school district. Psychologists perform many varied and necessary duties to promote educationally and psychologically healthy environments for all children and youth. School psychologists consult with educators to devise instructional and classroom management strategies for helping children succeed in school. They provide psycho-educational evaluations of children that may include assessing ability, achievement, learning styles, and social and emotional status. School psychologists also consult with parents, teachers and administrators to assist with designing individualized education programs for students with disabilities.

For more information please contact:

Monika Aune

School Psychology Coordinator

Phone : 937-215-0820

School  Psychologist Staff:

Monika Aune

School Psychologist Coordinator/School Psychologist
Mechanicsburg Exempted Village Schools

Sharon Beck

School Psychologist
Graham Local Schools, as needed

Sheila Core

School Psychologist
Jonathan Alder Local

Leanna Henry

School Psychologist
Intern at Madison-Plains Local Schools

Sara Hiatt

School Psychologist
Madison-Plains Local Schools

Krista Hickman

School Psychologist
West Liberty-Salem Schools County ESC

Chrissie Hinshaw

School Psychologist
North Union

Polly Long

School Psychologist
Jonathan Alder and London City Schools

Lorie Mitter

School Psychologist
Jonathan Alder Jr. High & High School

Stephanie Montgomery

School Psychologist
Triad Local Schools

Sade Richards

Teacher Assisting School Psychological Services
Urbana City Schools

Robin Rippeth

School Psychologist

Washington Courthouse

Megan Stasiak

School Psychologist
Madison Champaign ESC Preschool (Urbana)

Dr. Dorothy Sisson

School Psychologist
West Liberty-Salem Schools

Julie Vondrell-Wiggins

School Psychologist
North Union Local Schools

Stephen Wagner

School Psychologist
Washington Courthouse

Katrina Young

School Psychologist
As Needed

Employee Testimonials

Working with MCESC has been truly humbling. From the moment I was offered a position, every staff member has been beyond what I would refer to as an exceptional team player. My colleagues and supervisor always show their understanding and support regardless of my needs. Having initially served as a school psychologist in an extremely large district, it is refreshing to have the privilege to work with reliable, positive colleagues whose whole focus is on serving others.

Monika Aune, School Psychologist

My position here at the MCESC has been a blessing. I have been given the opportunity to work full- time while pursuing my school psychologist licensure and Ed.S. The MCESC provides tuition reimbursement making school financially accessible. Serving others is a tenant of this organization that I am so proud to be part of. I love working as a mentor to the children I serve, and it is the most rewarding part of my work week. Working at the MCESC allows me to pursue my love of helping students reach their true potential.

Sade Richards, Teacher Assisting School Psychological Services

The MCESC does a wonderful job supporting new staff, including the most informative and relevant new employee orientation I’ve ever experienced! It’s also helpful to have a mentor who is available to All new employees, even those of us the experience in the field, to help with all the day-to-day logistics of employment! What a great employer!

Stephanie Montgomery, School Psychologist