The Madison-Champaign ESC strives to provide support and assistance our partner districts might need. During this challenging time, the Teaching & Learning team has curated a number of resources organized by content, as well as a few resources that are useful for all teachers.

Resources for Educators by Content Area

Resources for English Language Arts Educators

Newsela Pro - Free

For the remainder of the 2019-2020 school year, newsela has opted to offer its pro accounts to teachers for free. Click the link to the Google doc for more information.

Tech Resources

ELA Tech Resources Links

This is a google doc maintained and updated by Eric Curts, edtech guru, national presenter, and blogger. He operates the site

Virtual or Distant Learning Suggestions

Resources for Math Educators

Resources for Science Educators

Resources for Social Studies Educators

Resources for Specials/Electives Educators

Teaching a Foreign Language Online

This Spanish teacher has a number of ideas for teaching virtually, but a few that are specifically tricky when you first consider teaching a foreign language via the internet.

Resources & Ideas

Distance UDL

Free Teaching Resources

Free K-8 Teaching Resources

Best Practices for Teaching Online

Video Templates

Classroom Champions

Distance Teaching Resources

How-to Use Zoom 5-min Overview

Zoom meeting - Full Tutorial & Overview (lengthy)