Professional Learning

The ESC provides ample professional learning opportunities for our member districts and more. You can see a comprehensive list below, and how it aligns with Ohio’s new Strategic Plan, or visit our Upcoming PD page for a listing of all current offerings.

We commit to offering ongoing learning opportunities for teachers and other educational personnel through the professional learning offerings coordinated by our Department of Teaching & Learning.

With schools today facing an array of complex challenges- from working with an increasingly diverse population of students to integrating new technology in the classroom and meeting rigorous academic standards and goals, it is crucial that teachers enhance and build on their instructional knowledge. This is just as true for school administrators who must obtain and continually develop their knowledge and skill bases to remain successful instructional leaders. The Madison-Champaign ESC feels that one way it can best support its districts is through supporting the learning of their teachers, support staff, and building principals with its ongoing professional learning opportunities.


Foundational Knowledge & Skills


Well-Rounded Content


Leadership & Reasoning


Social-Emotional Learning

Additional Professional Learning

  • Access to statewide literacy events
  • Administrative Retreat/Development In-Service
  • English Language Arts Instructional Coaching
  • Literacy Professional Learning – both at the ESC and on-site, district-specific Literacy Professional Learning opportunities
  • LPDC CEU/Licensure Tracking
  • Master Teacher Program (Identifies teachers who demonstrate excellence inside and outside of the classroom through consistent leadership and focused collaboration to maximize student learning, as well as distinguished teaching and continued professional growth.)
  • Technology Integration Coaching
  • Content Literacy Professional Learning Opportunities
  • Content-Specific Coaching
  • Content-focused Professional Learning Opportunities
  • Content/Grade-level focused Professional Learning Networks
  • Professional Learning Opportunities  (Technical assistance, facilitation, and training in all areas of professional learning, improvement of instruction, and continuous school improvement.)
  • Resident Educator (An intensive, growth-oriented four-year residency program for new teachers that also provides support and training for Resident Educators’ mentors, RESA facilitators and building principals.)
  • Structured Mentoring Program (A mentorship program designed to orient beginning teachers and other licensed staff and provide them with skills and knowledge to effectively deliver instruction/therapy.)
  • ELA Curriculum Alignment
  • ELA Assessment Creation
  • OTES / OPES Training
  • PBL Workshops & Coaching
  • Principal Leadership Development
  • Teacher Leader Development
  • Technology Integration (Including professional learning opportunities and follow-up coaching.)
  • Event Coordination / New Program Development
  • Positive Behavior Intervention Supports (Including initial training, train-the-trainer team training, implementation supports, and follow-up coaching).
  • Therapeutic Crisis Intervention (Training by certified trainers in a positive, therapeutic, and proven method for managing young people in crisis.)
  • Nonviolent Crisis Intervention Training (CPI) (A behavior management system designed to help human service professionals provide the best possible Care, Welfare, Safety & Security of acting out individuals.)
  • Bus Driver Pre-Service – Bus driver training, performance evaluations, and certification/re-certification of drivers and prospective drivers.
  • Bus Driver In-Service Workshop to provide bus drivers with required training time.
  • Paraprofessional Test Tutoring Coordinate study sessions to prepare individuals to take the ParaPro test to meet the Highly Qualified definition under ESSA.
  • ParaPro Test Administration Administer all aspects of ParaPro testing to assist districts in employing individuals who are highly qualified under ESSA.
  • Substitute Teacher Training (A pre-service training program for qualified candidates who wish to substitute teach in our schools.)
  • VESi (Virtual Learning courses for educators! Take any number of workshops that target your interests and needs!)