Occupational therapy services are provided when a child with a disability requires this related service to assist the child to benefit from special education. Occupational therapists use purposeful activity to facilitate a child’s active participation in self-maintenance, academic and vocational pursuits, and play or leisure activities that occur in school environments. Using direct and indirect services, as well as assistive technology and environmental modifications, school occupational therapists collaborate with parents, teachers, and other educational staff to help implement a child’s education program.

For more information please contact:

Tricia Honeycutt, PT,

PT/OT Coordinator
E-Mail: tricia.honeycutt@mccesc.org

Phone : 937-286-6034

Occupational Therapy Staff:

Kristi Borger, OTR

Champaign County
Phone : 937-484-1524

Leigh Counts, OTR

Madison & Champaign Counties
Phone : 614-301-0044

Heather Foreman, OTR

Jefferson Local
Phone : 614-879-7642 x 4302

Jordan Gardner, OT

London City Schools

Ryan Guthrie, COTA

Madison County
Phone : 6740-845-3272 x 2369

Patricia Kauffman, OTR

Triad Local
Phone : 937-484-1557

Chelsey St. Clair, COTA

Champaign County
Phone : 937-484-1557

Mollie Verdier, COTA

Graham Local
Phone : 937-663-4449 x 430

Kathleen Riley, OT

Sarah Brown, OTR

Champaign County
Phone : 937-484-1557

Jeanette Ewing, OTR

Madison & Champaign

Mindy France, OTR

Champaign County
Phone : 614-256-7506

Maribeth Gregg, COTA

Champaign County
Phone : 6937-484-1557

Megan Horn, COTA

Northwestern Local
Phone : 937-484-1524

Karen Kleis, OTR

Champaign & Clark Counties
Phone : 937-653-5214

Terri Schmitt, OTR

Champaign County
Phone : 937-484-1557

Cheryl Tuck, COTA

Urbana City Schools
Phone : 937-484-1557

Sheri Walbright, COTA

Champaign County
Phone : 740-603-7866

Employee Testimonials

What I enjoy most about my job with the ESC is that we are focused on teamwork and dedicated to the same vision and mission. We are all here for the same purpose, which is serving others; including children, families and the districts. We all work together to provide a safe and positive environment for learning. I am blessed to have a job that I love and to work with colleagues who share their knowledge and encourge me. We have a great team that makes a difference by serving others.

Karen Kleis, Occupational Therapist

As an employee of the Madison Champaign Educational Service Center for the past 14 years, I am proud to say that I work with some of the most compassionate, knowledge people who are willing to stop what they are doing and help out in any way they can. Working with kids has been passion for the past 25 years, and it’s amazing to be part of an orgarnization that focuses on a team approach to improve the lives of the students we serve.

Kristi Borger, Occupational Therapist