The purpose of the Madison-Champaign ESC LPDC is to:​

  • Advance the common beliefs of the Educational Service Center
  • Plan, promote, and facilitate effective and efficient professional educator licensure renewal standards
  • Support the study of teaching and learning through examination of recognized best practices in education and current research related to educator training staff development
  • Promote professional relations and cooperation
  • Emphasize increased student learning and achievement as a professional development priority
  • Validate application and use of learning gained through meaningful professional development
  • Determine a recommendation regarding licensing

LPDC Members

Cheryl Leffel, Chair

Joanna Hostetler

Dr. Dan Kaffenbarger

Trey McGehee

Lucinda Morgan

Terry Reeder

LPDC Resources

  • License Renewal Procedure
  • IPDP-Activity Log
  • IPDP-Checklist
  • IPDP Staff Manual Employee Kisok
  • Kiosk Activity Instructions
  • LPDC Guidelines
  • LPDC Procedures