We have opportunities in place for districts to nominate our staff for outstanding customer service but felt we also needed a way for ESC employees to recognize each other. Each quarter will focus on one of our Four Dimensions. For the second quarter, please use this form to nominate a colleague that you feel has exemplified our second dimension-TEAMWORK. Nominations will be listed on the website so everyone can see the great things our staff are doing. The characteristics for this trait(TEAMWORK) are: effectively communicates with others, presumes positive intentions, places the needs of the team above self-interest, and is willing to share resources (i.e. knowledge, time, opportunities).


Our nominees and what was said about them are below:

Amy Steider – “Amy is a classroom assistant for a High School classroom at Mac A Cheek, she is an amazing caring person who goes above and beyond to help students and staff. The students love her and are always asking for her help. She is easy to work with and always willing to help out. Amy is an absolute asset to Mac A Cheek and the ES.”

Angie Brouhard – “She has extraordinary communication skills. She is always positive and willing to serve staff and students in the classrooms she serves as well as the other classrooms. She builds program morale by promoting things like secret Santa. She seeks ways to help with community programs. She treats everyone with respect. She is dependable. She was willing to go above and beyond by submitting a grant to build social skills in all classrooms in our program. She is always problem-solving when it comes to student needs. She is willing to create individual schedules for teachers and students. She is genuinely a nice person and cares about others.”

Ashely Carey – “Every day, Ashley makes sure to make multiple rounds within the office to ask how each person is doing, AND if he/she needs anything. This may seem “minor” to her, but knowing that someone cares and is willing to help means the world.”

Beau Clay – “They work together with a clear child-first mentality. Their teamwork has translated into amazing student gains.”

Betsy Markley – “Betsy goes above and beyond in the classroom. She works endlessly to help provide an environment that is conducive to our servant leadership mentality. She’s always looking out for students and consistently helps them in all aspects of the classroom. She always works constantly to help me and other teachers with making sure we are on track with our students and provides us with the necessary information and support to make sure our classrooms run smoothly. All in all, she’s an integral part of the team who we cannot go without.”

Betsy Reams – “Betsy comes to work every day with a positive attitude. She greets every single student as they enter the school in the morning with a hello and a smile. Betsy is extremely patient with the young students in her class and collaborates with the classroom staff to help each student. She also jumps in to help other staff in the building when they need help with a student in crisis. Betsy is definitely a STAR employee and great team member at Mac-A-Cheek!”

Betty Bennett – “Betsey goes above and beyond for her students and staff. She shares her vast array of knowledge with her staff so that we can better serve the student’s needs. I admire her true grit and dedication to the team that she has created within the ESC. I am so proud of her educational accomplishments as well. She strives to make each day a happy day. She makes her staff feel so appreciated by letting us know how much she admires our work ethic and dedication. I could not ask for a better boss or role model.”

Chasity Gregorek – “Chasity has been working hand in hand with the PT team with numerous students. With her help, we have seen tremendous progress towards our student’s goals. Chasity will help the PT team write evaluations, IEP’s, and progress reports. She is truly a team player and we are thankful she is a part of the ESC.” and “Chasity is a great member of the gross motor team. She is always a team player by being willing to collaborate on evaluations and goals, representing the team in meetings, and co-treating with our most special students. She shares her equipment and knowledge with us when it benefits the students most.”

Cheri Leffel – “She demonstrates everything teamwork is! She’s kind, caring, funny, always willing to help you with anything. Always makes you feel comfortable, respects others’ thoughts and opinions, and works well with everyone.”

Hayley Daniels – “They work together with a clear child-first mentality. Their teamwork has translated into amazing student gains.”

Heather Burris – “Heather worked with Ashley and the ESC supervisors to host a job fair at the ESC that was outstanding. By talking with ESC Supervisors and understanding what was needed, Heather organized a job fair that met the needs of our agency.”

Heather Embry – “I don’t know a staff member more deserving of this nomination. She tirelessly advocates for the needs of others and puts herself out there to make sure the needs of all are met. She is not afraid to be a leader especially in situations that may become contentious or intense. She is also extremely knowledgeable and always willing to learn more and be creative in the way she works to serve her students and other staff members. I am constantly in awe of her leadership capabilities, concise and effective communication skills, and willingness to be a team player and jump in when needed. Whenever she is servicing my building, she has a smile, a positive attitude, and a willingness to problem-solve difficult cases and situations. I appreciate her willingness to serve and she is always going above and beyond for others.”

Heather Foreman – “Heather is a dependable and knowledgeable colleague. Heather is always willing to share and provide resources for the good of the students that we serve.”

Heather Newkirk – “Heather goes above and beyond for the students and staff in the classroom, and in the school. She truly cares about all students and works well with all of the staff. She steps up when she is needed and gets the job done. The students all adore her, and everyone knows that they can count on Mrs. Newkirk.”

James Cutlip – “James works tirelessly to make the Teaching & Learning Department look good as a whole. He doesn’t take credit for individual successes but celebrates the team’s success and is committed to making sure it can meet the needs and wants of the districts served. James is also the unofficial “tech help” when Rich isn’t in the office. He is called to assist others with their technical needs even if he is in the middle of important work.”

Jennifer Hall-Heminger – “Jen lives her life supporting and advocating for inclusivity among all individuals. The atmosphere in her classroom provides opportunities for each student and staff member to collaborate with one another enhancing growth in both academics and life skills. Jen uses humor, creativity, and honesty throughout the school day to keep the students engaged and the staff motivated. She has a positive, empathetic attitude and encourages cohesion within our classroom. In short, she’s absolutely Amazing!!! Thank you for all you do!!!”

Kaitlynn Pence – “They work together with a clear child-first mentality. Their teamwork has translated into amazing student gains.”

Kathleen Riley – “Kathleen stepped up in the absence of James to ensure the Bal-A-Vis-X course was a success. She sent out group emails to attendees and did her best to get volunteers for the clinical portion.”

Katina Lebo – “Katina Lebo went above and beyond the call of duty to come in on her day off to fill in for a teacher when there was no sub to be found. Though I have always seen Katina willing to share her resources (including her own time) and help anyone who needs a hand, this deserves extra kudos! Thank you, Katina!”

Kelby Maynard – “As her para, I am so grateful to have someone who has made me feel like part of the team since my first day. She expressed to me on my first day that if I had suggestions for activities or the lesson plans that she would be happy to hear my input. She communicates very well with the parents and gets them involved with activities to do with their children at home. We work together as a team to help our future Kindergarteners be ready for the world. The more we get to know each other the more I realize the things we share in common and that helps us to be a better educational team. She has begun to work on her Masters’s degree while I will soon be working on my Bachelor’s. I’m pleased to know that I have someone who has experience working with the age group that I plan to work with in the future. Kelby has shown such amazing teamwork. She’s great as a teacher, mentor, advocate, and co-worker.”

Kelsey Wallace-Anderson – “They work together with a clear child-first mentality. Their teamwork has translated into amazing student gains.”

Kristen Ackerman – “Kristen helped a colleague with her speech therapy caseload, making changes to her schedule to meet the needs of the whole team. She is always positive and able to problem-solve to find solutions. Thank you, Kristen!”

Leanna Belcher – “Leanna works hard to keep communication updated with multiple teams in multiple districts. She always has a positive attitude to share with the rest of the team!”

Makayla Kujawa – “We got a new student in Makayla’s class whose IEP came up within about the first 2 weeks of him being there…YIKES! Makayla was so helpful in getting information to us that we needed from his previous school, got the IEP and our pages loaded in the Same Goal website, and provided great feedback to help me write my goal portion of the IEP. What a great example of TEAMWORK! Thanks, Makayla!”

Marlene Toops – “They work together with a clear child-first mentality. Their teamwork has translated into amazing student gains.” and, “Marlene is the emotional rock of our classroom. She will go above and beyond to support the spirit of every student in our classroom. Additionally, she will move mountains to support her team members helping them work with the students, complete projects, and offer a listening ear when we face a classroom challenge. Her dedication to the kids and this organization is far more important than we could ever really recognize. She is a star in our eyes.”

Melissa Scoville – “Melissa goes out of her way to support her colleagues. Regardless of the project(even if she isn’t directly involved) she is willing to help a team wherever she can. She offers suggestions, will brainstorm ideas, and lend a helping hand. I greatly appreciate her input and support.”, “I needed help to make my newsletter more eye appealing. Melissa not only shared her template with me, but she helped me edit my newsletter using the new template. Melissa was patient and worked beside me so I could learn the process even though it would have been easier for her to “just do it”. Teamwork is working together too accomplish a goal and Melissa helped me accomplish my goal.”, “When I think of the word teamwork, I automatically think of Melissa. Her support and willingness to help in various areas of the central office is remarkable! She takes ownership and initiative to do the right thing and helps in every way possible. She has demonstrated countless times, the meaning of “serving others” and I sincerely appreciate her help and support! I’m incredibly lucky to have her on my team!” and, “She is ALWAYS willing to lend a helping hand!”

Michele Roberts – “Michele is one of those special administrators that has been willing to play any role necessary to make the agency look good. She has served in a variety of leadership capacities around strategic planning for the ESC, along with fulfilling her responsibilities as a gifted supervisor for several of our districts. She has consistently served the interests of the agency just so we can continue to serve the needs of our districts and our employees.”

Sheila Roberts – “Sheila is always willing to give her insight and knowledge to those around her. I know I can go to her at any point and she will work with me to make sure things are going in the direction we all want. I am forever thankful to be a part of her team.”

Shelby Masters – “Shelby has been a great teammate since the beginning of the school year. She is flexible and willing to help in any classroom. Even with short notice, Shelby is able to join a different environment with no problem.”

Shelia Fay – “I work with Shelia at Adriel but not in the same classroom. She is always willing to help out with our classroom. The students respond to her in such a positive way. She keeps them busy with life skills. She seems to know the perfect thing to say at just the right moment to divert an outburst. She helps the students not only in academics but in restroom breaks as well. She goes above and beyond for the students of all the classes I know when we are short-staffed and I see her in the halls I feel relieved because I know she is just a shout away to help in any way she can ”

Sheri Walbright – “Sheri is finishing up covering a maternity leave and has already agreed to help cover an additional day at Triad starting in January. Sheri is always helpful and can be counted on by her coworkers and the whole OT department to be there when needed! Thank you, Sheri!”

Sherri Weinert – “When I started last year, she trained me through many emails and was very patient and understanding as I learned. Then, this year, she walked me through all the procedures of opening a school; documents, EMIS- new and old students, SSID, and a plethora of details. I also didn’t realize that she handles all this for every school. She is always kind and generous with her time. Sherri has one of those behind the scene jobs, that keeps everything running, and she handles it all proficiently. Teams also need behind the scene people, to conquer these particular tasks.”

Stephanie Hensley – “I am pleased to nominate Stephanie Hensley for the STAR award. Stephanie is the epitome of a team player. She is someone I can depend on in all aspects of her job and she goes above and beyond her normal duties as a paraprofessional. Steph knows to do things in the classroom that sometimes I didn’t even anticipate the need to be done. She has a calm demeanor that helps the students with their behaviors and she is positive and upbeat with me, as well. She stays late or comes in early when needed. She is very dependable, as proven by her excellent attendance which helps with consistency in the classroom. She often brings me a coffee on those days when she knows I need a “pick me up”. She works tirelessly with students all day long, as well. The students respect her and seek her out to talk or ask questions. I have had to be out dealing with family issues this year and Stephanie has been able to step right in and keep the class running smoothly. Stephanie, thank you for all you do every day and being my partner for the LIFE Transition Class Team!!!”

Taylor Dixon – “They work together with a clear child-first mentality. Their teamwork has translated into amazing student gains.

Tracy Merica – “Tracy provided assistance when I was struggling with Google Classroom even though she had projects of her own to work on. Together we were able to research different solutions and were able to solve the problem I was having with Google Classroom. I appreciate Tracy’s help and understanding of TEAMWORK.”


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